Blaming and Accusing Someone

03 Des
Blaming is an expression that is used to say on somebody the responsibility for something done (badly or wrongly) or not done. 
Expressions of Blaming Someone :
  • It was your fault
  • You are the one to blame
  • Serves you right 

Someone who accused of blamed usually declines it. The following are the responses used

  • It’s not true
  • It wasn’t me
  • You are wrong, I didn’t do it
  • I am not the one to blame
Example Dialogue of  Blaming :
Ita          :       Hey, you.  stop!
Vita        :      What is it?
Ita          :       You are to blame for  steel my earphone.
Vita        :      I’m not. I don’t do that.
Ita          :       But everybody in class said you do that.  You have to be responsible for this!
Vita        :      Prove it. I will change your earphone if you can prove it.
Ita          :       OK. I will.
Accusing is an expression when someone said that person did something wrong although she/he doesn’t know the truth, like stealing.


Expression of Accusing Someone :
  • It must have been you who did it
(pastilah Kamu yang telah melakukannya)
  • I think you’re the only person who could have done it
(saya kira hanya kamulah satu-satunya orang yang bisa mekakukannya)
  • You must be doing something wrong
  • You must be the doer
Responses of Accusing :
  • I’m sorry. It’s my fault
  • Sorry for my fault
  • I’m sorry for the things. I’ve donne
  • It’s my responsibility. I’m sorry
Example dialog :
Dede looks angry when she doesn’t find her mobile phone. She thinks Jupe has stolen it. Then, she comes to Jupe.
Dede : Hey you! You stole my mobile phone.
Jupe : Huh! How dare you are. I won’t do that suck things.
Dede : Yea, I’ve seen you out of my room. It must be you stealing my mobile phone.
Jupe : I never do it. Why do you always suspect in me?
Dede : Yea. Because you’re suck. You …
Before Depe continues her words, Jupe hits her on the face. Depe suddenly gets faint.
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